Commonwealth Equity Funding services all loans internally, never employing a third party agency or servicing firm. Our in house department allows for real time risk management. Payment processing, insurance monitoring, construction inspections, and other services important to the performance and on-going loan to value  analysis of each loan are all handled by our team.

Borrower Services

Payment coupons for term of loan

Mailing of Delinquency Notices advising of late fees

Monitoring and enforcement of hazard insurance coverage

Monitoring for senior lien defaults

Servicing of loans with “impounds”

Annual mailing of form 1098 and reporting to the IRS

Annual mailing of statement and payment history

Mailing of Balloon Notices

Preparation of the Payoff Demands

Personal phone assistance during business hours

Lender Services

Disbursing of funds received from borrowers

Assurance of our checks being “good funds”

Electronic Deposits via ACH

Monthly monitoring of loan performance

Ordering lender-placed insurance to protect the lenders’ interest in the property

Annual mailing of form 1099-INT and reporting to the IRS

Annual mailing of portfolio statements and payment histories

Confidentiality of your private information

Limited document preparation services

Personal phone assistance during business hours